Top features included in every hosting account

cPanel Control Panel

The web hosting industry's most reliable, intuitive control panel with large range of features that allows to control virtually every aspect of websites Learn more

CloudLinux Operating System

We proudly use the super-platform CloudLinux for stability & efficiency. CloudLinux OS is the leading platform for multitenancy. It improves server stability, density, and security by isolating each tenant and giving them allocated server resources. This creates an environment that feels more like a virtual server than a shared hosting account.

Premium Disk Space

All our storage are RAID protected that stores your web files, emails, databases and more

1-click scripts installer by Softaculous

Focus on using apps rather than spending time on installing them. Softaculous is a great Auto Installer having 431 great scripts and counting! (example: Wordpress, Drupal, phpBB, Abantecart) It coveres a wide array of categories that everyone could find the required script to power the Website. List of all scripts and software

Unlimited features

A lot of features are unlimited including bandwidth, email accounts, park domains (alias), subdomains, databases, mailing list, email forwarders and so much more!

Turbo Charged by Cloudflare

CDN, Imporved Site Acceleration & Security Services from CloudFlare is included. CloudFlare is a service that improves your website’s performance and security. By using advanced technology within a global network powered by many datacenters, CloudFlare makes sites faster and more secure while using less system resources to do so. Learn more

MariaDB Database over MySQL

One of the most popular database server with more cutting edge features. MariaDB is a community-developed fork of the MySQL relational database management system. MariaDB intends to maintain high compatibility with MySQL, ensuring a "drop-in" replacement capability with library binary equivalency and exact matching with MySQL APIs and commands. Learn more

Multiple PHP versions

The PHP Selector allows you to select the specific version of PHP you need. It allows ultimate flexibility by offering all popular versions of PHP, with more than 120 PHP extensions to choose from. CloudLinux OS includes a large number of extensions and gives control to the end user and makes sure that PHP is updated fast, making sites more secure and customers happier.


We take regular and automatic backup of your account to an secure offsite location giving you the ability to quickly restore.

cPanel CloudLinux Cloudflare PHP MariaDB Softaculous SSL

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  • Latest cPanel Control Panel
  • Servers on CloudLinux OS
  • Powered by Cloudflare
  • Premium Disk Space
  • Regular and Automatic Backups
  • Backup Wizard
  • File Manager
  • FTP Connections
  • Web Disk
  • Directory Privacy
  • Unlimited Email addresses
  • Email Encryption
  • Apache SpamAssassin
  • Configure Greylisting
  • Autoresponders
  • Track Email Delivery
  • Calendars and Contacts
  • Email Forwarders
  • Default Address
  • Mailing Lists
  • Unlimited Parked Domains (Alias)
  • Unlimited Sub Domains
  • Addon Domains
  • Domain Redirects
  • Zone Editor
  • Webalizer
  • Awstats
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • phpMyAdmin
  • MySQL Database Wizard
  • 24x7 Online Support
  • Free Setup
  • Automatic Setup upon payment
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 30-day Moneyback Guarantee
  • Free SSL!
  • SSL/TLS Status
  • IP Blocker
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • MultiPHP Manager

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